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Simple Site Designs

Basic Single Page

Starting at $100

A simple HTML 5 landing page. Includes an original design, with an optional SSL certificate and contact form. This is static page, and best suited when you need to have an online presence but don't need all the other stuff often included in a website.

Also great for placeholders while building up to a larger, more complex webpage.

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WordPress Single Page

Starting at $150

A single page done with WordPress. Includes an original design and secure setup. An optional SSL and contact form are available as well. Perfect for when you just need a simple landing page, but may want to expand in the future.

Additional features such as backups and other components may be dependent on having a hosting service through us.

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Multi-Page Site Designs

3 - 5 Page Site

Starting at $350

A static website with up to 5 pages. This includes a Home, About, and Contact page, with up to two additional pages for any specific content or information This is the perfect solution when you are ready to grow your online presence but don't need all the bells and whistles that may come with a WordPress site.

For advanced functionality, one of our WordPress plans are recommended, but this is often the perfect next step up.

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3 - 6 Page WordPress Site

Starting at $500

A 4 page WordPress site. This will consist of an original design with all the multiple pages for displaying different types of content. This will often include a Home, About, Contact, page and a Blog Roll with a Blog Post Layout, but are by no means limited to just that. Pages can be tailored made to fit your specific needs.

This is perfect for establishing a web presence with the versatility of WordPress for growing that presence.

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Advanced & E-Commerce Site Design

Advanced WordPress

No set limit on the number of pages, this is for websites that will require advanced features and functionality. These features include, but not limited to, user accounts, advanced forms, calendars and events, or property and other types of listings. If you need what may be considered a complex or highly functional site this is the one for you.

Availability is limited,check back again when requests reopen.

WordPress E-Commerce

Have us build a store to sell sell your products online to a global market of customers. Get everything included with our 6 Page WordPress plan, with a WooCommerce store front and a Product Page template included. Additional pages and other advanced features may be requested but some might require our hosting solution and maintenance plans.

Availability is limited,check back again when requests reopen.